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我国心胸外科开创于本世纪20年代末期。以肺结核治疗为主,至40年代得以推广发展。1956年开展了低温下心脏直视手术, 1958年首例体外循环下心内直视手术成功,同时也开展了大血管手术。至今,我国已有近9000多名专业人才。胸心血管外科学会于1985年9月在沈阳成立,首届主任委员苏鸿熙。苏鸿熙、孙衍庆、朱晓东分别任第2- 4届主任委员(1988, 1992,1996)。 1997年改名中华医学会胸心血管外科分会。 1985年初创办了胸心血答外科杂志。后改为中华胸心血管外科杂志。创刊以来已出版14卷62期,发表文章3100余篇。学会成立13年来,共组织主办了27次学术会议和学习班,其中4次年会,4次国际会议。学会下设:体外循环、食管良性疾病和胸腔镜外科三个学组。为沟通国内外信息, 1997年创办了中华医学会胸心血管外科学分学会通讯(季刊),现已出版6期。并于1997年11月与美国胸外科医师学会签定了合作关系协议书。此外,还建立了血管外科专项基金。
Our country heart surgical department founded in the late-1920s. Treats by pulmonary tuberculosis primarily, can promote the development to the 40s. in 1956 has developed under the low temperature the open heart surgery, under 1958 new year example external circulation in the heart looked straight ahead the surgery to be successful, simultaneously has also launched the trunk surgery. Until now, our country had the nearly more than 9000 professionals. The chest cardiovascular Society of surgery was founded September, 1985 in Shenyang, first session Director Su Hongxi. Su Hongxi, Sun Yan celebrates, Zhu Xiaodong to be appointed 2-th 4 session of director separately (1988, 1992,1996). in 1997 changed name to the China Medical Association Chest Cardiovascular Surgical department Branch. at the beginning of 1985 organized the chest painstaking care to answer the surgical department magazine. Latter changes the Chinese chest cardiovascular surgical department magazine. Since the opening issue has published 14 volumes 62 issues, publishes article 3100. The academic society establishes for 13 years, altogether organized to sponsor 27 academic conferences and the study class, 4 annual meetings, 4 international conferences. Under the academic society supposes: External circulation, esophagus benign disease and thoracoscope surgical department three study groups. In order to communicate the domestic and foreign information, in 1997 organized the China Medical Association Chest Cardiovascular Surgical department School grades Academic society communication (quarterly publication), already published 6 issues. And learned in November, 1997 and American thoracic surgery doctor to sign the cooperation agreement. In addition, but also has established the blood vessel surgical department special fund. the Beijing Children's Hospital department of cardiac has established for 25 years. In incumbent chief, under the Beijing Children's Hospital department of cardiac founder Professor Li Zhongzhi leadership, passes through many year unremitting efforts, causes this administrative offices the academic level to be in the leading position in the domestic babies and infants department of cardiac domain. in 1999 by Beijing health authorization, the Beijing young child congenital heart disease received cures the center to establish officially in the Beijing Children's Hospital, as a heart center's part, the congenital heart disease treated the center lies between including the congenital heart disease indeed surgical operation treatment and after the drive pipe? Natural treatment? The part, has completed each kind of heart surgery several thousand examples successively, the survival percentage reaches above 98%, most lunar year in which the last month has 29 days 3 days, body 3800 grams. Specially after the young baby large-scale room gap damage, France Le four unites sickness and so on seriously injured baby's surgery and the technique the guardianship has the originality, enabled the massive first worry baby because to obtain the immediate cure to preserve the life.